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  • Bernd Schessl

    Top goods, top delivery! Reliable and good.
  • Laura Baruti

    Great value for money and quick delivery!

  • Fabrizio Fantini


  • Massimo Mannocchi

    Great wine, great service!

  • Dr. F. Critelli

    Enoselezione Vini d'Italia boasts more than a decade of experience on my part. Initially with Mrs Grazia and Mr Michele, who were extremely helpful, and who offered their service with profound kindness and, dare I say it, in an 'amiable' manner, providing the customer with the right information, professionalism and a wealth of every detail relating to the wines!

  • Susan Muncey

    Great memories and taste of our visit, in large format. Yummmm!

  • George Hanus

    Castelfeder produce vini eccellenti e ben fatti. L'azienda è orgogliosa della propria qualità e riesce a mantenere i prezzi abbastanza ragionevoli.

  • Magdalena Buresova

    Top! I love your wines!

  • Paolo Rallo

    Great wine and high quality!

  • Andrea Bertoli

    Without taking anything away from the big names, quality and excellence can also be found in other, much more intimate and family-run establishments such as Monte Cicogna. Certainly, when tasting the wines produced with passion, one begins a journey of increasing quality. We moved from rosés to whites and then to reds. The latter boast a reserve that few can be found in the area. One cannot but experience an elegant discovery.

  • Corey Critchfield

    Stopped by for a tasting with Katharina today. She was incredibly welcoming and informative. Can't recommend Castelfeder enough.

  • Flaviano Mueller

    The Magda Pedrini estate is wonderful and the products are truly excellent!

  • Kenney Smit

    Beautiful view over Lake Garda, and many great tasting wines! Would definitely recommend Azienda Agricola Monte Cicogna!

  • Tonylight Light

    Azienda Agricola Monte Cicogna: excellent company, magnificent location, superlative wines!

  • Valeria Korobeinikova

    Very good wine, congratulations! 

  • Nadia Ferrante

    Castelveder is located in a small but pretty location. Very good wines, normal prices, very professional and prepared guide: kindness and cordiality on the agenda: I will definitely come back!

  • Emanuela Marotta

    Tenute Baldo: kindness, professionalism and preparations. The wine is excellent! I highly recommend all their wines that I tasted, thanks also to their recommendations and pairings!

  • Luca Siquini

    Quality, kindness and precision in delivery!

  • Lorella Brocatelli


  • Alberto Quaranta

    A cellar to be discovered for its excellent products and for the professionalism and hospitality of the owners: Castelveder

  • Dr. F. Critelli

    In recent times 'the service' has been further enhanced with the presence of Ms Erica, who, thanks to her knowledge and experience in the field of marketing, has introduced the complacent 'preview' of each Selezione chosen by the staff in place. Thanks to this egregious innovation, the customer has the option of confirming or changing said Selezione! In any case, I have always found the wines of Enoselezione Vini d'Italia to be excellent in the broadest sense of the term. I would recommend wine lovers to approach this precious brand that is part of Italian food and wine excellence!

  • Daniele Bellan

    Beautiful people who passionately produce an excellent wine!

  • Lorenzo Salvi


  • Matteo Tunisi

    Communicating one's territory, one's winery, one's wines with passion. Castelveder recommended!
  • Thomas Fehr

    It worked fine! Gladly another time!

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