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Julius Treis

3S Dry Secco Rosé

The small Julius Treis Winery with its 5 hectares of vineyards is located in the Moselle valley. The spectacular steep slopes here are mainly dedicated to Riesling and can only be cultivated by hand. The origin and the fine differences between the vintages can be tasted in every wine, preserving the unique character of each vineyard.

This Secco Rosé immediately represents the Treis Winery, thanks to the three grape varieties used: Merlot, Spätburgunder und Dornfelder.

Produced with tank fermentation, it gives a light and fruity sparkling wine, which convinces with its rich bouquet and clear colour reflections.

Appellation: German sparkling wine Rosé

Vineyard: vineyards near Reil, directly at the river Mosel

Vineyard training system: Guyot

Vineyard soil: grey and blue slate

Vinification: tank fermentation process

Food Pairings: aperitifs, light starters and poultry dishes

Characteristics: bright yellow colour, notes of citrus, apples, and honey, delicate perlage, mineral structure, well-balanced acidity, slightly hints of saffron in the finish

Contains sulfites

3S Dry Secco Rosé