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Luca Marenco

Barbera d'Alba

The goal Luca Marenco has set for himself is clear and appealing: to produce great wines. To achieve it, the challenge before him involves picking up the family legacy, adding a dose of resourcefulness and combining it all with a passion for his land, seeking a balance between environmental sustainability and technological progress.

The history behind Barbera d'Alba in the Asti area is a solid one, with roots reaching as far back as the second half of the 1600s.

The appreciation, which contributed most to its popularity in the 1860s or so, is due to the wine's multifaceted and organoleptic characteristics: it is suitable for both ready-drinking and medium longevity, has multiple ruby facets and the bouquet ranges from fruity notes to spicy.

The vineyard for the Barbera Zio Nando, thanks to its calcareous soil and westerly exposure, creates wines with strong fruity notes, excellent colour, intensity and finesse.

Appellation: Alba DOC

Vineyard: vineyards of Novello (CN)

Vineyard training system: Guyot

Vineyard soil: limestone, rich in clay and marl

Vinification: in steel tanks

Food Pairings: bright ruby red color, full-bodied wine with fresh acidity. Intense aromas of jam, morello cherries and vanilla, with spicy notes

Contains sulfites

Barbera d'Alba