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San Cassiano


In rural Valpolicella, in the middle of a small natural paradise among green olive trees and vines, the San Cassiano Winery was founded in 1964. Since every vineyard should have its own specific wine, the characteristics are carefully considered in all stages of production. The idea: each wine is a photograph of the vineyard to which it belongs.

Besides the excellent wine in the bottle, the label is also very special. Which animal do you recognize? With his picture the American psychologist Joseph Jastrow wanted to show that we see both with our eyes and our brain. The picture shows a hare and a duck but it doesn’t matter which one you saw first – the main point is that you recognize both.

Appellation: Veneto IGT

Vineyard: vineyards in the Mezzane valley

Vineyard training system: Guyot

Vineyard soil: white marble

Vinification: maturation in barrique for 6 months

Food Pairings: beef, lamb, game, pasta dishes

Characteristics: brilliant red colour, hints of red fruits and spieces, elegant on the palate, structured, long-lasting finish

Contains sulfites