Welcome to the Enoselezione WineAbo!

Fancy the perfect wine for every occasion?

Then our WineAbo is exactly the right thing for you!

Our Wine Ambassadors select the best wines for you - all you have to do is sit back, relax, wait for your surprise box and enjoy!

How does the Enoselection WineAbo work?

How often do I receive a package?

We send you a package of high-quality Italian wines 4 times a year! With our WineAbo you will receive a wine package in March, June, October and November - directly to your home!

Are there different price ranges?

You can choose from 5 price ranges, from which you select 3:
1. Selezione (wines until 9,90€)
2. Partitella (wines between 10 and 13€)
3. Élite (wines between 14 and 17,90€)
4. Extra Élite (wines between 18 and 25,90€)
5. Deluxe (wines between 26 and 49€)

Can I choose between different types of subscription?

You can choose from the following types of subscription:

  1. WineAbo Mix: 4x a year 50% white wines, 50% red wines: 6 different weins, 2 bottles each, 12 bottles in total.
  2. WineAbo Red: 4x a year 100% red wines: 3 different wines, 4 bottles each, 12 bottles in total.
  3. WineAbo White: 4x a year 100% white wines: 3 different wines, 4 bottles each, 12 bottles in total.

Further information

Two weeks before delivery, you will receive the WineAbo newsletter and may change the specific wines within the categories. The type of subscription can be changed at any time, with payment upon delivery.

If you wish to change your subscription, please send an email to info@enoselezione.com.

Contact details

Choose two price ranges.