Il mondo dello Chardonnay: stilistiche a confronto

The world of Chardonnay: different styles in comparison

Chardonnay is a white wine variety which is cultivated internationally. Still, there are big differences between the types of Chardonnay, based on terroir, maturation and other factors.

In this article, we compared the Chardonnay Mont Mès by the Castelfeder Winery and the Chardonnay Gianni Tessari. Even if they are different, there are still some similarities in these two Chardonnays that can be found. The Chardonnay Mont Mès is an example of a very light and fresh Chardonnay with a relatively low alcohol content of 11,5 %. By fermenting in stainless steel tanks, the wine reaches a particularly refreshing taste, is light and with a well-pronounced acidity. The yellow color is bright for a Chardonnay, which is another sign of its refreshing taste. This kind of Chardonnay is perfect for summer, sunny days, aperitivo and to drink with starters.

In contrast to the Chardonnay Mont Mès, the Chardonnay Veneto Bianco IGT by Gianni Tessari represents a different type of Chardonnay. After the vinification in stainless steel, the Chardonnay ages in wooden barrels for another 6 months which gives it a more intense yellow color, the typical aroma of exotic fruit and minerality. Usually, Chardonnay which has aged in wood, will be more suitable to drink with certain dishes such as fish or white meat than stainless steel only Chardonnays.

Chardonnay is a variety suited for different styles and ways of vinification and therefore every kind of Chardonnay is unique and has certain characteristics which make it better to drink in certain occasions than others. You can different brands and kinds of Chardonnay in our onlineshop Enoselezione: there are some allrounders suitable for every occasion, Riserva which have aged a little more or even single-vineyard-Chardonnays.

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