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Tasting sets


A set consisting of three white and three red wines from three different regions!

From Lombardy, a wine from Monte Cicogna:
- Lugana Imperiale, a fresh wine with floral and fruity scents.

From South Tyrol, two Castelfeder red wines:
- Schiava/Vernatsch Schallerhof, a fruity and light native wine that impresses with its harmony and structure
- Rosso Mont Mès, a wine an elegant wine that interprets the essence of local red grape varieties

From Veneto, two white wines:
- Spagnol's Prosecco Spago, a fresh wine with a soft, graceful perlage, its cork secured by hand-tied string
- Gianni Tessari's Bianco Due, a wine with a triple soul, characterized by the best qualities of the Garganega, Durella and Pinot Grigio that make it up

From Piedmont, Bossotti's wine:
- Cisterna Terre di Chiesa, is a wine with an engaging fruity bouquet, generous intensity and tannic aftertaste