Il coraggio di superare i limiti: "Rebell" Riesling

The courage to cross boundaries: "Rebell" Riesling

The recultivation of the Sorentberg Winery in the Mosel region (Germany) continues with the new “Rebell Riesling”. Tobias Treis and Ivan Giovanett, two young winemakers from their family wineries Julius Treis in Reil (Germany) and Castelfeder in Alto Adige (Italy), started the project in 2012 to recultivate the long forgotten Sorentberg.

Today, five types or Riesling are made in this Winery: Riesling Rotschiefer, Von 1000 Alten Reben, Kabinett, Auslese and the new Rebell Riesling. The Rotschiefer as well as the von 1000 Alten Reben have already become classics. Recently, two special editions have been added to the range: the Kabinett 2020 and the Auslese 2018. The climate was perfect during these two years to create a Kabinett and an Auslese.

The Rebell Riesling represents the journey of the two winemakers over the last ten years: passion for winemaking, bravery, determination. Even after some initial obstacles and skepticism, both of them were convinced that the forgotten Sorentberg vineyard would one day bring delicious Rieslings to life – and they were right. And it is not just the name, but also the “Rebell”’s flavor which narrates a story of courage, determination and passion. The elegant, balanced acidity and the delicate aroma of ripe fruit create a modern, expressive Riesling which perfectly portrays the terroir. It is a homage to the last ten years as well as a credo for the future – for Tobias, Ivan and everybody who dares to be courageous and to make a step towards innovation.

Curious to taste passion and bravery in a bottle? The Rebell Riesling is now available in the Castelfeder Wineshop in Egna (Alto Adige, Via della Madonna 8/1) and online in our Enoselezione wine boutique: Sorentberg Riesling Rebell - novità della Mosella – Enoselezione

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