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Enoselezione: How it all began

Italy is one of the most multifaceted wine-growing regions in the world - and always has been. Nevertheless, until a few decades ago it was common practice that most people hardly knew any wines outside their own region. The diversity of the Italian wine landscape therefore remained undiscovered by most - and this is precisely where Enoselezione came in when it was founded in the 1970s. Wines were sold as subscriptions or individually to interested customers - and not just the big players like Amarone and Chianti, but also lesser-known, more regional wines and grape varieties.

After 20 years of success and exciting development, the founder, an engineer, sold the originally Roman company to Günther Giovanett, second-generation CEO of the Castelfeder winery. The core objective of the company was maintained and still exists today: to bring the diversity of Italian wines to customers throughout Italy, at the same time informing them and relieving them, at least in part, of the ever-increasing choice.

The concept was originally that of a wine subscription, but at the same time a free choice ordering process. The advantage of the subscription, within which there were different price segments and selection criteria - e.g., whether more red wines, white wines, or both should be delivered in equal measure - was the pre-selection of wines by experts. Private customers could get to know wines selected by enologists at home, which they had not known before, and also learn about origin, vinification and aroma profile through a precise wine description.

After many decades of experience, Enoselezione finally became an onlineshop as well - with a lot of choice, but still a common thread: The expertise to offer only the best wines and thus make it easier for private customers to decide on the right wine - even beyond the plate of well-known wine producers and varieties. The concept of the Giovanett family is still the same: guaranteed quality, producers with high-quality, exciting wines and bringing Italian wine culture closer to those interested - even outside their own region.

Famiglia Giovanett a Egna, Alto AdigeGünther Giovanett, CEO Enoselezione, daughter Ines, wife Sandra and son Ivan (from left to right) - they all work in the family business and take care of their own Castelfeder wines as well as their partner wineries.

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