Produttore del mese di settembre: Castelveder

September's Partner of the Month: Castelveder

Since 1975, the Castelveder Winery takes care of the vineyards and the productions processes in order to maintain the tradition of the bottle refermentation . They still keep the original names of their vineyards: Ronco del Castellotto, Madonna della Rosa, Palazzina and Cilinder, Nulli, Guast and Capelét.

The winery produces approximately 80,000 bottles per year and is located in the highly known Franciacorta area. Elena and Renato Alberti always believed in this area and in the fact that it would one day bring amazing Franciacorta sparkling wines to life. Therefore, they started planting the vineyards in 1975 - these vineyards are the base of today's high quality wines. Castelveder's sparkling wines are elegant, balanced and are a hommage to nature itself. Today, the Castelveder Winery is in granddaughter Camilla's hands, she continues the family tradition and values.

As september's wine of the month, we have selected the Castelveder Franciacorta Brut Millesimato DOCG - an elegant, extraordinary sparkling wine which is made from 80 % Chardonnay and 20 % Pinot Noir and is produced in limited quantities only. For this Franciacorta, the grapes are carefully selected and it is only produced in certain years when the grapes are perfect. The vineyards in Monticelli Brusati (Brescia) are characterised by sandy soils and the maturation of at least 48 months gives this Franciacorta its particular aroma and quality. The Franciacorta Millesimato has a fine, elegant aroma, a delicate perlage and a straw-yellow color with an aroma of bread and ripe fruit. It goes with different vegetable-dishes as well as white meat and cheese.

Our suggestion: Try the Franciacorta Rosé, the Franciacorta Brut Satèn and the Franciacorta Brut DOCG by the Castelveder Winery as well.

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