Tour of Italy: San Cassiano

Tour of Italy: San Cassiano

In the heart of the Valpolicella, the Azienda Agricola San Cassiano is immerged in the middle of olive trees and vineyards. For over 50 years, the famiglia Sella has been producing wine and olive oil in the province of Verona, in Mezzane di Sotto to be precise.

Foto panoramica della Valpolicella

Mirko Sella, third generation of the family business, is in charge of production. The winery counts 14 acres of vineyards as well as 10 acres of olive groves. “We are connected with our surroundings, in a relationship based on respect and sustainability. This is why we care for the environment, because the vineyards and olive trees are a photography of what surrounds us.”, says Mirko Sella.

This philosophy was the starting point for a new project, by the Azienda San Cassiano and the University of Padova: The recultivation of a botanic garden, left untreated and forgotten for decades. This natural paradise has been developing by itself and has not been treated, that's why there can be found numerous plants, bees and birds that are not easily found in the rest of the Veneto region nowadays. Mirko Sella explains: “A smaller carbon footprint, the possibility to mow only 2-3 times a year and a better hydrostability are only some of the positive outcomes of this biodiversity project.” These kinds of projects are not only important for viticulture, but also to facilitate the region's food supply.This is the future – for winemaking, food and for the world.

Valpolicella Wines

The winery focuses especially on typical wines from the region, such as Amarone or Valpolicella. In terms of production, grapes ripened in the summer sun are put to rest on trellises, where time and air increase the natural sugar supply and organoleptic intensity of the fruit, achieving great concentrations of aromas and flavors. Both in the countryside and in the winery, the use of chemicals is reduced to as much as possible-what makes the wines unique are the steep hillsides, air circulation and sun exposure. The soil consists mainly of white marble, soil over the centuries considered poor but actually fertile.

Do you wanna taste the sun of the Valpolicella? We suggest the Valpolicella Superiore DOC with its intense red color and notes of cherry or, for special occasions but not only,the Amarone Riserva which is full-bodied with notes of vanilla, chocolate and coffee.
Bottiglia di Amarone su sfondo panoramicoAmarone della ValpolicellaDiverse bottiglie di San Cassiano
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