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Marotti Campi

Lacrima Superiore Orgiolo

In the middle of the 19th century the Marotti family bought the winery in beautiful Morro d’Alba and today operates 53 hectares of vineyards. 3 parcels of land around the farm are oriented towards different cardinal points. The clayey soils allow the between 10- and 35-years old vines of Lacrima and Verdicchio to thrive particularly well.

Lacrima di Morro d’Alba is an Italian autochthonous grape variety. It is mainly found in a limited area around the municipality of Morro d’Alba in the province of Ancona. The name Lacrima, which means tear, probably derives from the shape of the grapes, which look similar like drops or teardrops.

Appellation: Morro d’Alba Superiore DOC

Vineyard: vineyards of Morro d’Alba

Vineyard training system: Guyot

Vineyard soil: clay

Vinification: maturation in barrique for 12 months

Food Pairings: roasted Lamb, duck breast, turkey, starters

Characteristics: intense ruby red colour with violet reflections, characteristic scents of roses, blackberries, rose pepper, elegant hints of oriental spices, smooth tannins

Contains sulfites

Lacrima Superiore Orgiolo