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Project Due Uve 4 Bottles Set

€69,90 €90,00

Obtain the set of the two extraordinary wines from the Due Uve project together with the two original bottles from the participating wineries Castelfeder and Luca Marenco.

One challenge, two wines

The Due Uve Project created by Castelfeder and Cantina Social and distributed by Enoselezione foresees that the most famous red berried grapes of two important territories will travel along the same road, but in two opposite directions.

For this edition, the box includes two bottles from two different origins: the Langhe of Piedmont for Luca Marenco's grapes and Alto Adige for those of Castelfeder.

Tenuta Castelfeder (Alto Adige) has worked the Nebbiolo grapes from Luca Marenco's company, a wine notoriously famous for its intense, harmonious ruby red color. A freshness reminiscent of mint with elegant tannins and refined hints of violet.

The winery of Luca Marenco (Piedmont) has worked the grapes of Pinot Nero from Castelfeder, a wine known for its ruby red and garnet color and its delicate aroma, with hints of blackberry, cherry and vanilla.

Each wine will then resume the journey towards its homeland enriched by this exciting exchange to be savored.

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Project Due Uve 4 Bottles Set

€69,90 €90,00